Construction Steel – Supplied Forms

Also known as structural steel, ThyssenKrupp-Materials provide construction steel in various forms such as:

  • Plate
  • I-Beam
  • HSS Channel
  • Angles
  • Bar
  • Rod


Strength – Construction steel is mostly used in the commercial and industrial building sector because of its strength and toughness.

Constructability – Construction steel can be developed into a variety of shapes which can be welded or bolted together in construction.

Corrosion – Construction steel is corroded when in contact with water. Measures should be taken in construction to avoid lifetime corrosion of construction steel.

Elastic modulus – The elastic modulus of all structural steel classes is the same and is equal to 200000MPa. The steel will yield at a certain point after which the elastic range will have been reached as the load is increased.

Types of Construction Steel

We stock different types of construction steel which serve different applications. The different types of construction steel can be differentiated by decoding the grade of the metal in the following way;

  • S – All structural metal grades have their grade starting with ‘S’ to identify them as structural or construction steel.
  • 235,275,355 – The number appearing after the ‘S’ represents the yield strength of the metal which is tested at 16mm thickness.
  • J2, K2, JR, JO – This represents the toughness of the metal in relation to the V-Notch test methodology.
  • W – For structural steel grades that have resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
  • Z- Structural steel with improved perpendicular strength to the surface.
  • C- Cold formed.